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Exfoliate a minimum of 3 hours before your spray tan. Use anything from a dry brush, exfoliating mitt or scrubs.(example coffee scrubs, salt scrubs. scrubs or even simply baking soda!) DO NOT use bar soap or dove soap to exfoliate. If you do not have any of these products to prep use a loofah & scrub head to toe. 

Shaving the day before is ideal if time is on your side. Do not use any shaving gels, creams or a razor with a moisturizing strip after doing a full body exfoliation.

 Clean & product free skin is a must so you must come to your appointment with NO lotion on which means a good prep vs a quick shower after work. Once you have had your last shower/exfoliate before your appointment do not apply any lotions or oils we need a product free canvas. 

You may spray tan in the undergarment of your choice. 

(Most women go with just panties). 

For going home loose pants, summer dresses, sweaters or t shirts. Please try to avoid sleeveless if it is a hot day. 

If you have pedicures or waxing booked do them the day before. 

If they have to be done before your tan appointment on the same day please call us.  


For the first night only if you have not done your first rinse off we recommend sleeping in pants. This will avoid skin on skin contact well its still developing. 

Our solutions require an approve 8-12 hour development time depending on what custom mix we make for you. We ask that you be prepared to not shower for  a minimum of 12 hours after. Do not use any products (water only) or shave your first rinse off. 

As soon as you have taken off the bronzing layer in your first shower you are set in. Moisturize daily as much as you want. The more the better.

While you have a spray tan avoid body scrubs, loofahs, Dove products & bar soap. These can inhibit how your tan lasts. 

A spray tan is 50% our application & 50% your prep & aftercare we guarantee all tans if proper prep is followed.  You must contact us within 24 hours of your service if you have an issue. We can not guarantee our spray tan services if you come in with self tanner on your skin.  

The best color is after your first shower - Once you do wash up, you’re going to notice that some of your tan is coming off but don't panic — this is just the cosmetic bronzing solution used in the tan.

Dark spray tans don't work for every skin type - We strive on giving the most natural looking spray tan possible by recommending what is BEST for your natural skin tone. What may have worked for your friend may not work for you. We want you to have a tan you love for the entire week which also means we may say NO if you want to be way darker then we recommend for your skin type because at Glitz we don't do "fake".

What you use for body wash effects your tans development - A lot of the time if someone is not getting close to a week out of there spray tans or may have an area that didn't take  it is most likely the type of products used for prep * after care.  There is a list above of what products should be avoided during any spray tan. We also recommend sulfate free.

Waiting days to have your first shower will not make your tan last longer or make you darker - We always let our clients know to take there first shower 12-24 hours after the spray tan was applied. Leaving the bronzer on to long (24 Hours+) does not benefit you and can dry out your skin. The color looks the best and is your set in color after rinsing the developing layer off.