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Custom Spray Tan 


This is our signature service! Each spray tan appointment will include a color consultation, a full body professionally applied airbrush tan with a custom hydrating mixed solution & our popular drying powder.

Glitz Rapid Tan 


Our Glitz Express is a solution that can be rinsed off in 3-5 hours they still do take the same time to get the full effect of the developed color it just lets you take the bronzer off quicker! Great for breastfeeding moms or people who are heading away the same day. VERY SPECIFC TO SHOWER TIME. 

Spray Tan Friends Package


This is a booking for two people at the same time to get a custom spray tan. Each person will receive a discount off there spray tan service when coming in together. 37.50 each. 

Bridal  Package


This package gives you two custom spray tans at a lower cost. One spray tan is for a trial run which you would get a few weeks before the wedding. At this time it will help us fit you with the perfect color. The second spray tan​ is used 2-3 days before your event. This has to be used by one purchaser but is not exclusive to brides anyone can take advantage of this two pack. 

Glitz  Membership


If you spray tan frequently this package is suited for you. This package gives you 3 spray tans a month & one trial size aftercare product a month. Expires from 30 days of purchase.

Group Rates

$32.50 Each

3-6 people. Have a group event coming up like a wedding, stagette or ladies night out. Book your spray tans together and each save. This pricing is only applicable to groups coming in at the same appointment time. Groups of 3 or more are required to leave a credit card.

Teeth Whitening


The procedure is light activated. Depending on the amount of staining will depend how long you will have to be under the LED light but only one visit is needed. 

Teeth Whitening Two People


Bring a friend to your teeth whitening session and save. Must be booked together to get this package.

Reboot Teeth Whitening


This service is for someone who wants to keep up with teeth whitening and has already been in. You will get $20 off if you book a "touch up" in 8-10 weeks. Price will not be honored after 10 weeks since last appointment.

Hydration Pod


Book a session in our wonderful & warm  Hydration pod. All the benefits of this service are listed in its section. 

30 Days Of Red Light


RLT is a is a 20 treatment 2-3 sessions per week. Helps skin, muscle tissue, and other parts of your body heal. It exposes you to low levels of red or near-infrared light. Expires in 30 days of purchase.

Try Red Light


Not sure if you want to try a red light package? Come in do a consultation & see what it is about. 

Spray Tan & Teeth Whitening


Book a teeth whitening session and a spray tan in the same day and save! Combo must be used in one visit.

The Glitz Works


This combo gives you all our services in one visit with a big savings, Hydration Station , Teeth Whitening & Spray Tan all in one. Combo must be used together in one visit.

Hydration Pod & Spray Tan 


Book yourself in for a 20 minute hydration treatment before you get a spray tan to help rejuvenate dry skin before we apply the solution.

Red  Light & Spray Tan 


15 minutes of red light before your spray tan boosts circulation in your body and warm up your skin to help absorb the spray tan for a longer lasting result.

Hydration & Teeth Whitening


Book yourself a pure relaxation treatment in the Hydration Station for 20 minutes before you get your pearly whites.

The Glitz Glow 


This includes the Hydration Pod & a jelly mask. 

No refunds on multi packs of spray tans. 

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